Welcome to ComplexUs!

I’m Zach Adam, a paleontologist, astrobiologist and engineer fascinated by two of the biggest jumps in complexity known to have occurred in the history of our planet: the origins of life and the origins of the eukaryotic cell.

My most significant contributions so far have been to:

  • Discover a new assemblage of incredibly well-preserved, complex, eukaryotic microfossils in the Greyson Formation of the Belt Supergroup, providing new evidence that links these fossils with existing eukaryote lineages
  • Discover a new source of well-preserved fossils in the Chamberlain Formation of the Belt Supergroup, supporting indications that even the earliest eukaryotes were partitioned into distinct groupings in different environments
  • Discover a new pathway for formamide production on the prebiotic Earth, opening the intriguing possibility that water-based life actually originated from formamide-based precursors
  • Describe emergent behavior between the atomic and molecular levels for systems subjected to energy input by alpha, beta and gamma radiation

I’m currently a Research Associate in Andy Knoll’s group at Harvard University. I’ll soon be starting a new Postdoctoral Fellowship with the Simons Collaboration on the Origins of Life. Within this site, you’ll find information about some really cool fossil discoveries and prebiotic chemistry experiments, enjoy!

zach20161nePhoto credit: Nerissa Escanlar.